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Figure 1

From: Characterization of the Taenia spp HDP2 sequence and development of a novel PCR-based assay for discrimination of Taenia saginata from Taenia asiatica

Figure 1

Strategy for amplification and verification of the HDP2 sequences. The location of probe IHDP2 used in Southern-blots is indicated by a discontinuous line below the T.saginata HDP2 sequence [GenBank: AJ133740]. The locations of the oligonucleotide primers within the T. saginata HDP2 DNA sequence [GenBank AJ133740] for the different molecular protocols used, and the directions of these are indicated by arrows: HDP2F2 and HDP2R2 (PCR I: HDP2 (F2-R2)-PCR); PTs7S35F1 and HDP2R1 (PCR II: PTs7S35F1-HDP2R1-PCR); HDP2F2 and HDP2R3 (PCR III: HDP2-PCR). The location of the sequences with similarity to the T. saginata and T. asiatica partial HPD2 DNA fragments (PTs7S35F1-HDP2R1 amplicon), pTSgr 3.1, pTSgr 2.4 and pTTr 3.1, are indicated by the black area of the bar. The restriction enzyme sites are indicated by the lines.

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