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Figure 4

From: Chemometric analysis of biofluids from mice experimentally infected with Schistosoma mansoni

Figure 4

Summary of S. mansoni -induced metabolic effects on biofluid composition of mice at six time points post-infection coded for biological matrix. Colour keys are as follows: yellow, urine; red, plasma; blue, faecal water. Stability of metabolites, as candidate biomarkers of infection, is indicated by dark green through white corresponding to a progressive decrease in stability. Increasing stability of metabolites refers to the constancy of the metabolite as a significant biomarker for the discrimination of the infected mice from the controls during the entire course of the experiment. Numerical values are the coefficient covariance values for each metabolite and for plasma metabolites, 'A/B' format represents that value A is from models based on 1H standard plasma spectra, while value B is from models obtained from CPMG spectra. NA represents no significant correlation observed.

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