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Figure 4

From: Participation of heparin binding proteins from the surface of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis promastigotes in the adhesion of parasites to Lutzomyia longipalpis cells (Lulo) in vitro

Figure 4

Analysis of Leishmania. (V.) braziliensis promastigotes adhesion to glycosaminoglycans by surface plasmon resonance. Sensor chips were covered with biotinylated heparin, and promastigotes were passed over the chip surface. The parasites were assayed without pre-incubation with heparan sulfate (black line) or after pre-incubation with 0.001 μg (green line), 0.01 μg (red line) or 0.1 μg (blue line) of heparan sulfate. Significant decrease in adhesion rates was observed in the pre-incubated samples was achieved - (*), p < 0.05. Data are presented as arbitrary resonance units (RU) and are representative of two independent experiments. The dissociation RU values are representative of the average response between 720 and 1020 seconds (A) in all assays.

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