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Table 1 Differentiation between Leishmania subgenera by SYBR Green melting temperatures (Tm) from amplified minicircles kDNA conserved region

From: SYBR Green-based Real-Time PCR targeting kinetoplast DNA can be used to discriminate between the main etiologic agents of Brazilian cutaneous and visceral leishmaniases

Source Samples Origin Melting Temperature (°C ± SD)
Promastigote reference strains L (V.) braziliensis (MHOM/BR/1975/M2903) IOC/FIOCRUZ 77.34 ± 0.01
  L (V.) shawi (MCEB/BR/1984/M8408) IOC/FIOCRUZ 77.34 ± 0.01
  L (V.) naiffi (MDAS/BR/1979/M5533) IOC/FIOCRUZ 77.34 ± 0.01
  L (V.) lainsoni (MHOM/BR/1981/M6426) IOC/FIOCRUZ 77.37 ± 0.01
  L (V.) guyanensis (MHOM/BR/1975/M4147) IOC/FIOCRUZ 77.39 ± 0.01
  L (L.) infantum (Syn. L. chagasi) (MHOM/BR/1974/PP75) IOC/FIOCRUZ 78.95 ± 0.01
  L (L.) amazonensis (MHOM/BR/1977/LTB0016) IOC/FIOCRUZ 78.94 ± 0.00
Human clinical specimens Cutaneous leishmaniasis (skin biopsies) Rio de Janeiro/RJ 77.68 ± 0.38
  Visceral leishmaniasis (peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates) Campo Grande/MS 78.94 ± 0.37
Field sand flies Lutzomyia intermedia Rio de Janeiro/RJ 77.25 ± 0.15
  Lutzomyia migonei Rio de Janeiro/RJ 77.25 ± 0.15
  Lutzomyia cruzi Corumbá/MS 78.98 ± 0.10
  Lutzomyia forattini Corumbá/MS 78.98 ± 0.10
  1. IOC: Oswaldo Cruz Institute, FIOCRUZ: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, RJ: State of Rio de Janeiro, MS: State of Mato Grosso do Sul, SD: standard deviation
  2. The melting temperatures of kDNA amplified products were analyzed from samples obtained from Leishmania promastigotes reference strains, clinical specimens from cutaneous and visceral leishmaniases patients and field-captured phlebotomine insects. The dissociation curves analyses revealed distinct melting temperatures between the subgenera Viannia and Leishmania (p < 0.001 - Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test).