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Table 1 List of 21 mosquito species reported from different studies on mosquitoes in the Seychelles, before 2008

From: The mosquitoes (Diptera: Culidae) of Seychelles: taxonomy, ecology, vectorial importance, and identification keys

Genus (Subgenus) Species and subspecies (if any) Theobald 1912[22] Hermitte 1931[17] Edwards 1941[23] Harper 1947[24] Mattingly & Brown 1955[25] Lambrecht 1971[15] Van Someren 1972[26] Gerbert & Anett 1976[27] Binet al. 1996[21]
Aedes Aedimorphus albocephalus      G G   G  
  Aedimorphus seychellensis* G Al   G Al   G     
  Aedimorphus species A        Al   
  Coetzeemyia fryeri Al   Al Co     Al   
  Ochlerotatus vigilax vansomerenae      G G   G  
  Stegomyia albopictus G Am   G G G G   G G
  Stegomyia aegypti G Am   G G   G    G
  Skusea lambrechti     G G G   G  
Anopheles Cellia gambiae s.l.   Al As        
Culex Culex fuscocephala          G
  Culex quinquefasciatus G   G G G G   G G
  Culex scottii G   G   G G    
  Culex simpsoni     G G G   G  
  Culex sitiens      Al     
  Culex tritaeniorhynchus          G
  Eumelanomyia stellatus     G G G   G G
  Eumelanomyia wigglesworthi       Vm    
Mansonia Mansonioides uniformis G     G     
Uranotaenia Pseudoficalbia browni      Vm G   G  
  Pseudoficalbia nepenthes G   G G G G   G  
  Pseudoficalbia pandani G   G G G G   G G
Total    9 1 8 8 14 13 2 10 7
  1. * The synonymy, previously suspected[23], between Ae. albocephalus and Ae. seychellensis, is demonstrated in the present article.
  2. G = granitic islands; Vm = Vallée de Mai on Praslin; Am = Amirantes Islands; Al = Aldabra Atoll; As = Assomption Island; Co = Cosmoledo Atoll.