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Figure 1

From: Detection of a new insect flavivirus and isolation of Aedes flavivirus in Northern Italy

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree of the positive sequences based on the 84 nucleotides of the NS5 gene. The tree was displayed by using the program Mega 5.05, Neighbor-Joining method and distance-p model with 1000 bootstrap replicates. The branches for flavivirus sequences published in the current study (AeAlbopictus Italy 2008 and Aedes cinereus/geminus Italy 2008 AZ1) are in bold. GenBank accession numbers for the insect flaviviruses sequences are indicated in the tree MBV: Mosquito-borne virus, TBV: tick-borne virus, UNKV: Unknown vector virus, AEFV: Aedes flavivirus, KRV; Kamiti River virus, CXFV: Culex flavivirus, CFA: Cell fusing agent.

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