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Table 1 Transcripts significantly up-regulated in the fed P.ovis mite sample

From: Development of a cDNA microarray for the measurement of gene expression in the sheep scab mite Psoroptes ovis

GenBank accession number Probe ID Sequence description Homologous species Minimum E-value Fold change (fed P. ovis vs starved P. ovis) FDR corrected p-value
FR748349 Bu_002_g12 - - - 1.55 0.0017
FR748466 Bu_004_b02 Beta-1,3-D-glucanase Cryptopygus antarcticus 8.82E-22 2.32 0.00002
FR748550 Bu_005_a09 - - - 2.47 0.002
FR748633 Bu_005_h12 Pso o 1/Der p 1 allergen P. ovis/D. pteronyssinus 2.36E-46 2.17 0.00001
FR748686 Bu_006_e09 Macrolide glycosyltransferase Streptosporangium roseum 1.49E-44 1.95 0.00002
FR748740 Bu_007_b11 Der p 21 allergen D. farinae 2.13E-36 1.82 0.0002
- Bu_007_e02 - - - 1.51 0.0002
FR748952 Bu_010_f10 Myosin light chain Haemaphysalis qinghaiensis 3.26E-57 1.53 0.0029
FR749449 Bu_017_f04 Pso o 2 group 2 allergen P. ovis 1.49E-53 2.15 0.0025
  1. Probe ID represents the unique identifier for the microarray probe. FDR corrected p-value shows the Benjamini & Hochberg False Discovery Rate (FDR) corrected p-value for each transcript [23]. E-value is the Expect value which describes the number of BLAST hits one can expect to see by chance for a given sequence, the lower the E-value the more significant the match.