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Table 1 Reference strains and sequences used in this study

From: Sequence analysis of the 3’-untranslated region of HSP70 (type I) genes in the genus Leishmania: its usefulness as a molecular marker for species identification

Species WHO code Origin Sequence ID Size (bp) Labela
L. aethiopica MHOM/ET/82/101-82 Ethiopia HE575325b 696e Lae-101
L. aethiopica MHOM/ET/82/652-82 Ethiopia HE575326b 701 Lae-652
L. aethiopica MHOM/ET/72/L100 Ethiopia HE575327b 700 Lae-L100
L. amazonensis MHOM/BR/77/LTB0016/C1S1 Brazil L14605c 703e Lam-LBT
L. amazonensis IFLA/BR/67/PH8 Brazil HE575328b 700 Lam-PH8
L. braziliensis MHOM/BR/75/M2904 Brazil Contig LbrM28_V2_October (1081948–1082464, minus strand)d 517e Lb-M2904
L. braziliensis MHOM/BO/00/CUM45 Bolivia HE575329b 518 Lb-CUM45
L. donovani MHOM/IN/80/DD8 India HE575330b 718 Ld-DD8
L. donovani MHOM/IN/00/DEVI India HE575331b 724 Ld-DEVI
L. donovani MHOM/ET/67/HU3 Ethiopia HE575332b 711e Ld-HU3
L. donovani IMRT/KE/62/LRC-L57 Kenya HE575333b 715 Ld-LCR
L. guyanensis MHOM/PE/91/LC1446 Peru HE575334b 585e Lg-LC1446
L. infantum MCAN/ES/98/LLM-877 (JPCM5) Spain Contig LinJ28_20070420_V3 (1094043–1094771, minus strand)d 729e Li-JPCM5
L. infantum MHOM/FR/78/LEM-75 France HE575335b 731 Li-LEM75
L. infantum MCAN/ES/01/LLM-1050 Spain HE575336b 733 Li-LLM1050
L. infantum MHOM/ES/05/LLM-1525 Spain HE575337b 731 Li-LLM1525
L. lainsoni MHOM/BO/95/CUM71 Bolivia HE575338b 589e Ll-CUM71
L. major MHOM/IL/80/Friedlin Israel LmjF28_01_20050601_V5.2 (1059883–1060597, minus strand)d 715e Lmj-Friedlin
L. major MRHO/SU/59/P-STRAIN Former Soviet Union HE575339b 715 Lmj-P-STRAIN
L. major MHOM/SU/73/5-ASKH Former Soviet Union HE575340b 718 Lmj-5-ASKH
L. panamensis MHOM/COL/81/L13 Colombia LpnLscaffold351 (149539–150125, minus strand)f 587 Lpa-L13
L. peruviana MHOM/PE/90/LH249 Peru HE575341b 516e Lp-LH249
L. tropica MRAT/IQ/72/ADHANIS1 Iraq HE575342b 704e Lt-ADHANIS1
L. tropica MHOM/SU/74/K27 Former Soviet Union HE575343b 702 Lt-K27
  1. aLabel for strain identification in Figure 3.
  2. bNew sequences submitted to EMBL-EBI database.
  3. cGenBank accession number.
  4. dGeneDB identificator.
  5. eSequences depicted in Figure 2.
  6. fTriTrypDB identificator (