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Table 3 Measurements (in micrometers) and morphological features of dermal microfilariae of Cercopithifilaria spp. reported from dogs

From: Redescription of Cercopithifilaria bainae Almeida & Vicente, 1984 (Spirurida, Onchocercidae) from a dog in Sardinia, Italy

Species Cercopithifilaria sp. I C. bainae C. grassii Cercopithifilaria sp. II
Ref. Otranto et al., 2011 Almeida and Vicente, 1984 Noè, 1911 Otranto et al., 2012
  (n = 185) - - (n = 6)
Body, length 170-197 185 635-670 273-305
Body width, dorso-ventral view 6.1-9.4 6.6 15-17 12-15*
Body width, lateral view 3-3.5 n.r. 15-17 9-10.5
Lateral alae no n.r. no well developed
Anterior extremity slightly attenuated slightly attenuated bulbous without alae and thinner
Cuticular posterior end, length 15 n.r. 18-28 38-48
Shape of caudal extremity blunt blunt bifid shortly attenuated
Internal anatomy nuclei prominent n.r. nuclei not visible nuclei prominent
  1. *Transversal striae and external shed absent.
  2. n.r. = not reported.