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Table 4 Parameter estimates for a negative binomial model explaining post intervention heterogeneities in sand fly abundance across the households

From: Leishmaniasis sand fly vector density reduction is less marked in destitute housing after insecticide thermal fogging

Parameter Proportional abundance change Estimate S.E. z Pr(>|z|)
Abundance 1 (90) 4.501 0.159 28.354 <0.00001x
HP > 0.586 116 4.748 1.060 4.481 <0.00001x
  1. xStatistically Significant (P < 0.05). the value inside parenthesis is the estimated post intervention abundance.
  2. Overdispersion parameter for the model was (± S.E.) 2.01 ± 0.55. The breakpoint for the Housing Destituteness Index (HP) was fixed at 0.586 and was estimated by a Brent optimization of the model Akaike Information Criterion.