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Table 2 Day of first larviposition, fecundity, and hatching rate of Glossina palpalis gambiensis according to ivermectin dose, and day post injection

From: Decrease in survival and fecundity of Glossina palpalis gambiensis vanderplank 1949 (Diptera: Glossinidae) fed on cattle treated with single doses of ivermectin

Time after ivermectin injection Treatment Day of 1st larviposition Fecundity at day: Hatching rate (%)
20 30 40 50 60 70 80
D8 Control 15 0.71 a 1.51 a 2.57a 3.12a 3.39a 3.53a 3.59a 73.30a
Dose 0.2 mg/kg 19 0.10 a 0.70 a 1.45b 1.70a 2.10b 2.20b 2.35b 78.72a
D14 Control 16 0.49a 1.85a 2.85a 3.23a 3.41a 3.59a 3.77a 82.99a
  Dose 0,2 mg/kg 15 0.37 a 1.46a 2.15a 2.41a 2.65a 2.80a 2.89a 78.95a
  1. Fecundity is the average number of larvae produced in every cage divided by number of females per cage. Hatching rate is the percentage of emerging adults from the pupae for every cage (see Methods for details). In the same column, values with different letters are significantly different. For the different days, only D8 and D14 were considered because all the tsetse of D2 were killed by ivermectin treatment.