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Figure 1

From: 5-methyl-cytosine and 5-hydroxy-methyl-cytosine in the genome of Biomphalaria glabrata, a snail intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni

Figure 1

Methylation sensitive restriction assay. Genomic DNA of B. glabrata: Brazilian strain (B. glabrata Bre) and Guadeloupian strain (B. glabrata Gua), of positive controls: O. mykiss and HeLa cells and of negative controls: S. mansoni (miracidia) was digested with the Msp I enzyme, its methylation sensitive isoschizomer Hpa II or was not digested (ND). 200 ng of DNA were loaded per well. Digestion profile was observed on an ethidium bromide stained 1% agarose gel. Lad: 1 kb DNA ladder (promega), lowest band 1500 bp, highest band 10000 bp.

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