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Figure 3 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 3

From: Eliminating malaria vectors

Figure 3

Conceptual schematic of the difference between current demographic indicators of coverage of all humans (N h ) and true biological coverage of all available mosquito blood resources (A) [26]. In all panels, the proportion considered covered by the stated indicator is represented by the shaded fraction. A: Conventional view of current ITN/IRS target of 80% crude demographic coverage of all humans while indoor (Ch = 0.8). B: Biological protective coverage (CA,p = 0.2) of all available human and animal blood (A) achieved in the same demographic coverage scenario (Ch = 0.8), where half of baseline human exposure to vectors occurred outdoors (πi,0 = 0.5) and animals previously accounted for half of all blood meals (Qh,0 = 0.5).

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