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Figure 6 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 6

From: Planning long lasting insecticide treated net campaigns: should households’ existing nets be taken into account?

Figure 6

Break-even ratios for a mass distribution after a survey with varying levels of initial coverage. Legend: Mass distribution conducted two years after a coverage survey. Initial coverage defined in terms of average number of LLINs per HH breakeven ratios (R F ) shown for varied levels of feasibility (F) of detecting LLINs in the field. The blue line represents ideal detection, yellow F = 0.75 detection, green F = 0.50, and red F = 0.25 detection. Arrows represent the R F  1.4 and initial coverage to break even under F = 0.75 feasibility and a campaign conducted two years after the coverage survey with R F  1.4 is approximately equivalent to R I  = 1.6 if F = 0.75 (See Figure 5).

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