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Figure 1

From: Interactions between Asaia, Plasmodium and Anopheles: new insights into mosquito symbiosis and implications in Malaria Symbiotic Control

Figure 1

Quantitative analysis by qPCR of the amount of native Asaia in An. stephensi midgut. Mosquito collection time, after infected (dark grey bars) or uninfected (light grey bars) blood meal, has been fixed before (t=0) and 24, 48, 72 h after blood meals. The relative amount of Asaia was expressed as a ratio of bacterial 16S rRNA and mosquito rps7 gene copies in logarithmic scale (panel A) and Log10 values (panel B); in both panels amounts were mean±SEM of ten individuals. Two asterisks in panel B denoted p<0.01 in the samples indicated by horizontal lines, compared by both ANOVA and Post-hoc test ‘Bonferroni’.

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