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Table 2 Wolbachia -like sequences from the Onchocerca flexuosa transcriptome chosen for localization studies

From: Localization of Wolbachia-like gene transcripts and peptides in adult Onchocerca flexuosa worms indicates tissue specific expression

Isogroup Isotig Accession of best BLAST match Wolbachiastrain of best BLAST match Annotation of best BLAST match Targeted epitope
isogroup00994 contig10287 YP_198273 Brugia malayi GMP synthase KSHHNVGRLPKKMNLK
isogroup04608 isotig12596 ZP_03787836 Muscidifurax uniraptor aminopeptidase P DSGGQYLDGTTDLIR
isogroup13474 isotig21532 CAL29441 Onchocerca volvulus hypothetical protein OW4-D HRKHNQESKSEELFS
isogroup06427 isotig14485 NP_966542.1 Drosophila melanogaster succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase SNRGAFFLTPDRSID
isogroup04466 isotig12363 YP_002727485 Drosphila simulans citrate synthase YEMMSDKETNGTLP