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Figure 2

From: Ability to cause erythema migrans differs between Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolates

Figure 2

Distribution of IGS and OspC types across EM skin samples and ticks. Figure A shows distributions of IGS types, and figure B that of OspC types in EM samples and ticks. Figure C and D show the same analyses as A and B with exclusion of EM samples from locations Rijeka and Čakovec. Letters under x-axis of A and C indicate genospecies (V: B. valaisiana, L. B. lusitianiae, A: B. afzelii, G: B. garinii, B: B. bavariensis, P: B. spielmanii, S: B. burgdorfe ri s.s.). Signs above bars indicate significant differences between tick and EM samples: §: more often in ticks, #: more often in EM.

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