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Table 9 Differentially expressed members of BmiGI Version 2.0 in common among subtracted library, SAGE, microarray results and up-regulated proteins from Rachinsky et al. proteome study[3]

From: The ovarian transcriptome of the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, feeding upon a bovine host infected with Babesia bovis

  Proteome study Microarray SAGE Subtracted library
Proteome - TC9311 Kunitz-type serpin None TC8919 Pep.-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
     TC8931 Myosin light chain
     TC8950 Calreticulin
     TC9311 Kunitz-type serpin
     TC12119 Cytochrome C oxidase
Array TC9311: Kunitz-type Serpin - None TC6326 Salivary gland peptide
     TC6491 Kunitz-type protease inhibitor
     TC6758 Protein IscW
     TC9311 Kunitz-type serpin
     TC12551 Salivary gland peptide
     TC13077 Kunitz-type protease inhibitor
     BEABQ71TR GGY domain protein
SAGE None None - TC6102 Elongation factor beta
     TC9377 Hypothetical protein
     BEACP61TR Microplusin
     BEAE009TR Putative salivary protein
Library TC8919 Pep.-prolyl cis-trans isomerase TC6326 Salivary gland peptide TC6102 Elongation factor beta -
  TC8931 Myosin light chain TC6491 Kunitz-type protease inhib. TC9377 Hypothetical protein  
  TC8950 Calreticulin TC6758 Protein IscW BEACP61TR Microplusin  
  TC9311 Kunitz-type serpin TC9311 Kunitz-type serpin BEAE009TR Putative salivary protein  
  TC12119 Cytochrome C oxidase TC12551 Salivary gland peptide   
   TC13077 Kunitz-type protease inhib.   
   BEABQ71TR GGY domain protein