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Table 2 List of Anopheles populations resistant to DDT in Thailand using the WHO standard contact assay (2000–2010)

From: Review of insecticide resistance and behavioral avoidance of vectors of human diseases in Thailand

Species Insecticide Location (province-district) Geographic coordinates (DMS) Published sources
Anopheles annularis DDT Chiang Mai-Chiang Dao 19°32'N 98°54'E Prapanthadara et al. 2000[96]
Anopheles annularis DDT Mae Hongsorn 19°9'N 98°1'E  
Anopheles minimus (A)* DDT Phrae 18°6'N 100°16'E  
  1. *An. minimus sensu strict. Note that resistance to DDT was also seen in non-vector anophelines of Thailand before 2000, Anopheles aconitus, Anopheles culicifacies, Anopheles nivipes and Anopheles philippinensis[8].