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Table 3 Average pairwise distance values between the 16S haplotypes from Mendoza

From: Molecular characterization of cryptic and sympatric lymnaeid species from the Galba/Fossaria group in Mendoza Province, Northern Patagonia, Argentina

  G. viatrix G. neotropica G. truncatula
G. viatrix 0.010 0.021 0.056
(0.000-0.017) (0.009-0.031) (0.045-0.073)
G. neotropica 0.021 0.014 0.056
(0.009-0.031) (0.002-0.021) (0.045-0.071)
G. truncatula 0.057 0.058 0.012
(0.046-0.076) (0.046-0.074) (0.000-0.026)
  1. Values (in bold) along the diagonal represent average within-species distance: there were no differences between corrected and uncorrected values for these means and ranges. Values below the diagonal correspond to corrected distances (using the GTR model of nucleotide substitution), and values above the diagonal are uncorrected p-distances. The values in parentheses indicate the range of values observed.