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Figure 3 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 3

From: Genetic diversity and structure in Leishmania infantum populations from southeastern Europe revealed by microsatellite analysis

Figure 3

Phylogenetic network (NeighborNet) constructed by Splitstree for the 128L. infantum strains studied. The NeighborNet algorithm detected the same population substructures inferred by STRUCTURE (Figure 2, Table 1) for population 3 (Sub3A, Sub3B1 and Sub3B2) and population 4 (Sub4A, Sub4B, Sub4C1 and Sub4C2). Subdivision of populations 1 and 2 is not supported by NeighborNet analysis. TR, Turkey; CY, Cyprus; BG, Bulgaria; GR, Greece; AL, Albania; HR, Croatia; FR, France; ES, Spain; PT, Portugal; MON-1, L. infantum zymodeme MON-1; MON-98, L. infantum zymodeme MON-98. Strains that presented identical MLM Types (Table 1) are underlined. Strains are represented by coloured boxes that correspond to their population or subpopulation assignment according to STRUCTURE analysis (Figure 2).

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