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Figure 1

From: STAT3-dependent transactivation of miRNA genes following Toxoplasma gondii infection in macrophage

Figure 1

Expression profiling of mature miRNAs in macrophage following Toxoplasma infection and LPS stimulation. (A) miRNA expression profile in human macrophage following Toxoplasma infection. The left panel shows a heat-map of selected miRNAs indicating alteration in expression in macrophages following Toxoplasma infeciton.The filtered miRNA array data were subjected to unsupervised hierarchical clustering analysis. The metric was set as the Euclidean distance. The right panel shows expression miRNAs in macrophage following Toxoplasma infection. The fold change contains the ratio of mormalized intensities between Toxoplasma-infected macrophage (Group T) and non-infected macrophage (Group C). The p values are from the T test. (B) Altered expression of selected miRNAs confirmed by qRT-PCR. The amount of mature miRNAs was obtained by normalizing to the level of snRNA RNU6B in the samples. Graphics indicate those miRNAs showing an increased expression (including those significant change when p< = 0.05) in cells after treatment with LPS (n = 3) or exposure to Toxoplasma (n = 3). *, p,0.05 vs. the non-treated control.

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