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Figure 2

From: Expression and accumulation of the two-domain odorant-binding protein AaegOBP45 in the ovaries of blood-fed Aedes aegypti

Figure 2

The alignment of the predicted polypeptides encoding Ae. aegypti odorant-binding proteins OBP45 and OBP44. Amino acids sequences were obtained from the Vectorbase databank and were annotated previously as AaegOBP45 and AaegOBP44 [14]. The numbers above the alignment indicate amino acid position in the whole alignment and the numbers on the right of the alignment show amino acid residue positions in each sequence. Conserved and non-conserved residues are shaded black or gray, respectively. A consensus sequence (non-shaded) is displayed on the third line. Dashes indicate gaps in sequences. Dashed gray box highlights the dodecapeptide sequence (GNQFSSSDIDGL) used to produce a synthetic peptide and polyclonal antibodies.

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