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Table 1 Comparison between the drug sensitivity motility assay for T. muris L1 and adult parasites

From: Development of an in vitro drug sensitivity assay for Trichuris muris first-stage larvae

  T. muris L1 assay Adult T. muris assay
Duration of drug assaya 24 hours 72 hours
Number of parasites per well 20 to 200 2 to 4
Dissection of animal host required No Yes
Subjective analysis Yes Yes
Viability marker alternative No Yesb
Total operational hours 3.5 hoursc 6.5 hoursd
Applicability to high-throughput screening No No
  1. a: Time between start of the assay and its read-out. b: Resazurin (Alamar Blue®). c: Including preparation and reading of the assay. d: Including Infection, keeping and dissection of the animal host, collection of the parasites, preparation and reading of the assay.