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Table 2 Case reports of co-infection between TB and parasitic diseases

From: Co-infection of tuberculosis and parasitic diseases in humans: a systematic review

Country Year of report Tuberculosis Parasitic disease Sex Age HIV test Supplement No. of reference
Spain 1996 Renal TB Visceral leishmaniasis Male 44 years Negative Haemodialysis for 19 months [8]
Brazil 2001 PTB Visceral leishmaniasis Male 29 years Negative Pneumocystis carinii positive [9]
Turkey 2003 PTB Visceral leishmaniasis Male 39 years Negative Renal transplantation in 2001; Anti-HCV and HCV RNA positive [10]
India 2005 PTB Visceral leishmaniasis Male 37 years Positive Tuberculoma of brain [11]
India 2006 PTB Visceral leishmaniasis Female 40 years Positive   [12]
India 2006 PTB Visceral leishmaniasis Male 40 years Positive   [12]
Colombia 1996 PTB Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis Male 50 years Negative   [13]
France 2003 PTB Cutaneous leishmaniasis Male 44 years Negative A migrant from Brazil; Polar lepromatous leprosy [14]
Sri Lanka 2010 Extrapulmonary TB Mucosal leishmaniasis Male 52 years Negative T-lymphocyte subsets: CD3-437, CD4-237, CD8-146 μl; Serum IgG-532 and IgM-36 mg/dl [15]
India 2010 PTB Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis Female 25 years Positive On treatment for leprosy and PTB for the past 2 months [16]
France 2000 Lymph node TB Lymph node trichomoniasis Female 82 years Negative   [17]
India 2010 PTB Perinatal falciparum malaria Female 34 days Unknown Maternal history of falciparum malaria during eighth month of pregnancy; Father was smear-positive PTB case. [18]
Haiti 1984 PTB Toxoplasmosis Male 27 years Unknown Toxoplasmosis proved fatal and was diagnosed only at autopsy. [19]
Sri Lanka 2011 Lymph node TB Toxoplasmosis Toxocariasis Male 4 years Negative   [20]
Korea 2012 Disseminated TB Cerebral toxoplasmosis Male 24 years Unknown A non-Korean engineer with abdominal TB [21]
Australia 2001 PTB Tuberculous lymphadenitis Hepatosplenic schistosomiasis Male 30 years   A migrant from the Philippines; A history of alcohol abuse [22]
India 1991 PTB Hydatid disease Female 5 years Unknown   [23]
Turkey 2002 PTB Cardiac hydatid cyst Female 52 years Negative   [24]
China 2004 TB in liver and abdominal cavity Liver multiple hydatidosis Female 28 years Negative   [25]
Sudan 2009 PTB Hydatid disease Female 25 years Unknown In a solitary pulmonary nodule of left lower lobe [26]
China 2009 PTB Liver echinococcosis Male 18 years Unknown PTB was previously confirmed in 2000 and found relapse in 2008. [27]
China 2009 PTB Liver echinococcosis Female 36 years Unknown PTB was previously confirmed in 1998 and found relapse in 2008. [27]
Britain 1994 PTB Strongyloidiasis Giardiasis Male 31 years Unknown A migrant from Gambia; Being resident in the United Kingdom for two years [28]
India 2001 TB verrucosa cutis Filarial elephantiasis Male 55 years Unknown   [29]
  1. Abbreviations: HIV = human immunodeficiency virus; PTB = pulmonary tuberculosis; HCV = hepatitis C virus; RNA = ribonucleic acid; CD = cluster of differentiation; Ig = immunoglobulin.