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Table 1 Prevalence of Strongylus vulgaris expressed as prevalence of arterial lesions and seropositive horses

From: SvSXP: a Strongylus vulgaris antigen with potential for prepatent diagnosis

Group of horses Prevalence of arterial lesions Seropositive prevalence Se Sp
KY, naturally infected, never treated herd (n=11) 100% 90.1% 90.9% 100%
KY, naturally infected, treated herd (n=20) 10% 5% 50% 100%
TN, naturally infected (n=23) 73.9% 87.0% 94% 33%
TN, experimentally infected with P. equorum (n=20) 70% 50% 64% 83%
TN, experimentally infected with S. vulgaris and Cyathostomins (n=28) 57.1% 39.3% 50% 75%
  1. Sensitivity (Se) and specificity (Sp) is presented for each group of horses.
  2. Case definition: A S. vulgaris positive horse has presence of larvae, migratory tracts or healing lesions.
  3. Cut-off value used: seropositive: PP-value above 8.75.