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Figure 1

From: Control of tick infestations and pathogen prevalence in cattle and sheep farms vaccinated with the recombinant Subolesin-Major Surface Protein 1a chimeric antigen

Figure 1

Localization of cattle and sheep farms and land use in the study area. Maps were constructed using the Esri ArcMap 9.3 software. (A) Localization of the study area in the Province of Palermo, Sicily. The digital elevation model was processed through the interpolation of level curves values of the Sicilian region, obtaining the elevations of study sites. (B) The land use of the areas near to the farms was obtained from Corine Land Cover 2006 processed by the European Environmental Agency describing the coverage and, in part, the use of the soil in Europe. Spatial selection allowed deriving the different levels of the land use classes that affect the areas where the farms are placed. (C) The analysis showed that vaccinated and control sheep (L and C) and cattle (M and G) farms are located close to each other in the same region and have similar land use.

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