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Figure 4

From: Expression of microRNA-454 in TGF-β1-stimulated hepatic stellate cells and in mouse livers infected with Schistosoma japonicum

Figure 4

miR-454 mimics could inhibit TGF-β1–induced α-SMA expression in LX-2 cells. (A) miR-454 mimics reduced the levels of α-SMA mRNA expression in TGF-β1-treated LX-2 cells as detected by qRT-PCR. * P <0.05 vs control (cells with no stimulus). # P <0.05 vs the group of TGF-β1 + mimics+. (B) Western blot analysis confirmed that α-SMA protein expression was inhibited by miR-454 mimics in TGF-β1-treated LX-2 cells.

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