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Table 1 Localities, specimens ID, States and geographic coordinates of sample collections of Culex coronator populations

From: Wing geometry of Culex coronator (Diptera: Culicidae) from South and Southeast Brazil

Locality State Coordinates
Pariquera-Açu SP 24°44' S 47°49'W
Parque Ecológico do Tietê SP 23°17’13.44”S 46°19’13.44”W
Rio de Janeiro RJ  
Vargem Pequena neighborhood   22°35’11.40”S 43°16’29.89”W
Cosme Velho neighborhood   22°32’3.12”S 43°8’1.28”W
Conceição do Mato Dentro MG 19°0’40.39”S 43°16’38.17”W
Tijucas do Sul PR 25°56681’S 49°11326’W
Tijucas do Sul - Lagoinha PR 25°34’0.52”S 49°6’47.74”W
Joinville - Pirabeiraba SC 26°11065’S 48°59177’W
Maquiné RS 29°40’26.58”S 50°12’50.22”’W