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Archived Comments for: Implications of climate change on the distribution of the tick vector Ixodes scapularis and risk for Lyme disease in the Texas-Mexico transboundary region

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  1. Sequences published in GenBank

    Maria Esteve-Gassent, Texas A&M University

    16 May 2014

    The public perception of Lyme borreliosis in Texas is dependent upon careful scrutiny of the results in our publication with Parasites & Vectors.  Scientific scrutiny and the verification of our results by the scientific community are critical to do that.  Therefore, this group has registered the genetic sequence information of the genes utilized in this study in GenBank allowing the scientific community to verify our results.  We appreciate the attention this publication has received so rapidly and remain committed to being transparent with our results.  This will enable the scientific community to reach consensus regarding the validity of our findings.

    The GenBank accession numbers are:

    bwtx12-16  KJ826413
    bwtx17       KJ826414
    IGRFTX4     KJ826415
    bwtx32       KJ826416
    bwtx23       KJ826417
    bwtx31       KJ826418
    bwtx24       KJ826419
    CVM3         KJ826420
    GEWMA35-36     KJ826421
    GEWMA33          KJ826422
    CVM5                KJ826423
    KWMA11           KJ826424
    LMR2       KJ826425
    DTX         KJ826426
    GEWMA38    KJ826427
    GEWMA12    KJ826428
    GEWMA4     KJ826429
    GEWMA9     KJ826430
    LMR1          KJ826431
    GEWMA15-16        KJ826432
    GEWMA61-62        KJ826433
    GEWMA64             KJ826434

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  2. Letter to the Editor

    Steven Norris, UT Medical School Houston

    30 December 2014

    A Letter to the Editor regarding this article has been published and is available at:

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