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Figure 2

From: Isolation and molecular characterization of a major hemolymph serpin from the triatomine, Panstrongylus megistus

Figure 2

Hemolymph supernatant protein profiles from triatomine vector species and graphics analysis of the bands. A- Samples (0.1 μL of each supernatant) were submitted to SDS-PAGE (16%) analysis. Dipetalogaster maximus (lane 1), Triatoma infestans (lane 2), Panstrongylus megistus (lane 3), Rhodnius prolixus (lane 4), Rhodnius neglectus (lane 5) and Rhodnius brethesi (lane 6). MW - molecular mass markers. Arrow indicates the target protein at ca. 40 kDa. Figure represents a single gel containing all 6 hemolymph samples run simultaneously. B- Graphics analysis of the bands corresponding to the hemolymph protein profiles in SDS-PAGE. The x axis quantifies in arbitrary units the density of each protein band and the y axis the molecular mass derived from the molecular mass markers. *P. megistus major target protein of ca. 40 kDa.

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