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Figure 8

From: Temporal and spatial expression of cuticular proteins of Anopheles gambiae implicated in insecticide resistance or differentiation of M/S incipient species

Figure 8

Ultrastructural immunolocalization in leg cuticles. Primary antibodies were raised against CPF3 (left panels) and CPLCG3/4 (right panels). (A, B) P24 pharate adults; (C, D) 1-d-old adults; (E, F) 8-d-old adults. Anti-CPF3 and Anti-CPLCG3/4 were detected by secondary antibodies, conjugated to 10 and 5 nm gold particles, respectively. ex, exocuticle; en, endocuticle; epid, epidermis; ms, muscle. Scale bar=500 nm. Apparent size of gold particles is dependent on focal plane.

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