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Table 2 Collection details of filarioid-positive mosquito pools (BW: federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg, BB: Brandenburg, LS: Lower Saxony, BV: Bavaria)

From: Molecular detection of Dirofilaria immitis, Dirofilaria repens and Setaria tundra in mosquitoes from Germany

Filarial species GenBank accession no. Max.% identity to GenBank entry (accession no.)* Collection site Collection date Mosquito species Pool size (no. mosquitoes)
D. immitis KF692100 100% (e.g. EU159111) Freiburg (BW) 07-13-2012 Cx. pipiens/torrentium 25
D. immitis KF692101 99% (e.g. EU163945) Buschow (BB) 08-23-2012 Cx. pipiens/torrentium 5
D. repens KF692102 99% (e.g. DQ358814) Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (BW) 08-03-2012 An. daciae 1
S. tundra KF692103 99% (e.g. DQ097309) Braunschweig (LS) 08-22-2012 Ae. vexans 20
S. tundra KF692104 99% (e.g. DQ097309) Radolfzell (BW) 08-02-2012 Ae. vexans 21
S. tundra KF692105 99% (e.g. DQ097309) Regensburg (BV) 09-02-2011 Ae. vexans 10
S. tundra KF692106 99% (e.g. DQ097309) Regensburg (BV) 07-07-2013 Ae. vexans 25
Filarioidea - 89% (HQ186250) Regensburg (BV) 06-17-2011 Cx. pipiens/torrentium 9
Filarioidea - 92% (JX870433) Drochtersen (LS) 08-02-2012 Cx. pipiens/torrentium 25
  1. *as of 07 November 2013.