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Table 5 Outcome of Blast hit comparison in determining the identity of amplified sequences

From: Spotted fever Rickettsia species in Hyalomma and Ixodes ticks infesting migratory birds in the European Mediterranean area

Sample ID ompB BLAST hit 17 kDa BLAST hit gltA BLAST hit ompA BLAST hit
84154 219/222 Candidatus R. amblyommii [CP003334/JN378402] nd   nd   nd  
   R. helvetica [HQ232249/HQ232247]       
   R. amblyommii [AF479763]       
   Uncultured Rickettsia sp. clone CsfC2 [EU407140]       
84594 424/431 Rickettsia sp. T170-B [JQ727680] 394/394 R. raoultii nd   nd  
   R. heilongjiangensis [CP002912/AY280712]*   Rickettsia sp. RpA4     
   Rickettsia sp. IG-1 [EF219461]   Rickettsia sp. ARANHA     
     Candidatus R. gravesii     
84607 428/431 R. slovaca [CP003375/CP002428]* 392/392 Candidatus R. antechini [DQ372953] nd   nd  
   R. parkeri [CP003341/FJ644549]* 392/394 R. rickettsii [KC845924/CP003311]*     
   R. sibirica [HM050273/AF123722]   R. parkeri [CP003341/EF689732]*     
   R. conorii [AE006914/AF123726]*   R. philipii [CP003308]     
   Rickettsia sp. BJ-90 [AY331393]   R. peacockii [CP001227/AF260571]*     
     Rickettsia sp. NOD [EU567178]     
84609 220/222 R. slovaca [CP003375/CP002428]* 392/392 Candidatus R. antechini [DQ372953] nd   nd  
   R. parkeri [CP003341/FJ644549]* 392/394 R. rickettsii [KC845924/CP003311]*     
   R. rickettsii [CP003311]   R. parkeri [CP003341/EF689732]*     
   R. philipii [CP003308]   R. philipii [CP003308]     
   R. sibirica [HM050273/AF123722]   R. peacockii [CP001227/AF260571]*     
   R. conorii [AE006914/AF123726]*   Rickettsia sp. NOD [EU567178]     
   R. mongolotimonae [DQ097083/AF123715]       
   Rickettsia sp. BJ-90 [AY331393]       
   Uncultured Rickettsia sp. clone B3[DQ019321]       
84748 185/187 Candidatus R. hoogstraalii [EF629536] 392/392 Rickettsia sp. Torishima-CC1[AB242434] 734/734 R. endosymbiont [DQ081187] nd  
    387/387** Rickettsia sp. Scc31 [DQ105801]     
    386/386** R. endosymbiont [DQ081185]     
    382/382** Candidatus R. hoogstraalii [FJ767736]     
84751 427/431 Rickettsia sp. T170 [JQ727680] 394/394 Rickettsia sp. LON-13 [AB516961] 791/791 Rickettsia sp. Mie180 [JQ697958] 584/587 Rickettsia sp. HlR/D91 [KC888951]
   R. heilongjiangensis [CP002912/AY280712]*   Rickettsia sp. LON-2 [AB516960]   Rickettsia sp. LON-13 [AB516964] 583/587 Rickettsia sp. FUJ98 [AF169629]
     R. marmionii [AY737683]    485/488** Rickettsia sp. LON-13 [AB516963]
     Rickettsia sp. Hf151 [AB114816]     
     Rickettsia sp. Hl550 [AB114805]     
113618 222/222 R. monacensis [JX625150] nd   nd   nd  
  1. *Two examples **The deponated sequence at NCBI GenBank is shorter than our sequence.