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Figure 2 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 2

From: Cloning and characterization of a mannose binding C-type lectin gene from salivary gland of Aedes albopictus

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree constructed based on full-length amino acids sequence of Aalb_CTL1 and putative or known C-type lectins from mosquitoes. The C-type lectin sequences were from Aaeg CTL11 [VectorBase: AAEL008299], Aaeg CTL13 [VectorBase: AAEL004679], Aaeg CTLGA4 [VectorBase: N41092], Aaeg CTL14 [VectorBase: AAEL011453], Aaeg CTLGA5 [VectorBase: AAEL005641-RA], Aaeg CTLMA10 [VectorBase: AAEL011079-RA], Aaeg CTL15 [VectorBase: AAEL012353-RA], Aaeg CTLGA6 [VectorBase: AAEL009209], Aaeg CTL17 [VectorBase: AAEL011446-RA], Aaeg CTL19 [VectorBase: AAEL011404-RA], Aaeg CTLMA13 [VectorBase: AAEL011621-RA], Aaeg CTL20 [VectorBase: AAEL011407-RA], Aaeg CTL21 [VectorBase: AAEL011408-RA], Aaeg CTL23 [VectorBase: AAEL006456-RA], Aaeg CTL24 [VectorBase: AAEL002524-RA], Aaeg CTL25 [VectorBase: AAEL000556-RA], Aaeg mosGCTL-1 [VectorBase: AAEL000563-RA], Aaeg CTLMA16 [VectorBase: AAEL000283-RA], Aaeg CTL16 [VectorBase: AAEL000533-RA], Cq_CTL11[VectorBase: CPIJ000449], Cq_CTL12 [VectorBase: CPIJ001323], Cq_CTL16 [VectorBase: CPIJ003650], Cq_CTL18 [VectorBase: CPIJ004339], Cq_CTL20 [VectorBase: CPIJ004916], Cq_CTLMA13 [VectorBase: CPIJ007062], Cq_CTL40 [VectorBase: CPIJ007868], Cq_CTL41 [VectorBase: CPIJ007869], Cq_CTL51 [VectorBase: CPIJ012307], Cq_CTL54 [VectorBase: CPIJ014105], Cq_CTL57 [VectorBase: CPIJ015095], Cq_CTLMA14 [VectorBase: CPIJ015742], Cq_CTL73 [VectorBase: CPIJ016688], Cq_CTLGA5 [VectorBase: CPIJ017075], Agam_CTLMA6B [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000018449], Agam_CTLMA2 [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000018421], Agam_CTL4 [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000018677], Agam_CTLGA1 [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000009790], Agam_CTLGA2 [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000017954], Agam_CTLGA3 [VectorBase: ENSANGG00000009745]. In the Phylogenetic analysis, Aalb_CTL1 and Aalb_CTL2 are in the box from Ae. albopictus. Agam CTLMA2, Agam CTL4 and Aaeg mosGCTL-1 whose function has been reported and are marked with*, The bar (0.1) indicates genetic distance.

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