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Table 2 Specific ISH primers targeting the SSU rDNA gene region of different myxozoan species

From: Molecular fingerprinting of the myxozoan community in common carp suffering Swim Bladder Inflammation (SBI) identifies multiple etiological agents

Species Primer name Primer sequence Origin
Sphaerospora dykovae SdykR 5′-ACGCAAAGATGCACACACACTGGAC-3′ [15]
Sphaerospora molnari SmSSU1307R 5′-ACCGTGAGCCACGCGTAATG-3′ [18]
Thelohanellus hovorkai ThoR 5′-CTATCAAAGCTTCAGGTTGCC-3′ This study
Myxobolus encephalicus MencR 5′-TACACGCCTCCAACAACGCC-3′ This study
Buddenbrockia sp. BuddR 5′-AAACGCCTTTCGATTACGG-3′ This study