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Archived Comments for: Diversity of mosquitoes and the aquatic insects associated with their oviposition sites along the Pacific coast of Mexico

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  1. E R R A T U M

    Trevor Williams, Instituto de Ecología AC

    1 May 2014

    Table 2 of the published article contains the following two errors that were detected post-publication:

    (1) The species Argia fissa has been synonymized with A. anceps (reference 1, below). Consequently the records for A. fissa in the states of Michoacán, Nayarit and Sinaloa should be considered as A. anceps (which is recorded in Table 2 as only present in Nayarit).

    (2) The record of Perissolestes sp. in Michoacán State is very unlikely (reference 2, below), and is probably a mis-identification. This record should be deleted from the Table 2.

    These corrections do not affect the other findings of our study.




    1. Garrison RW: A synopsis of the Argia fissa group, with descriptions of two new species, A. anceps sp. n. and A. westfalli sp. n. (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae). Odonatologica 1996, 25:31–47.
    2. González-Soriano E, Novelo-Gutiérrez R: Odonata of Mexico revisited. In Odonata: Biology of Dragonflies. Edited by Tyagi BK. Jodhpur, India: Scientific Publishers; 2007:105-136.


    Competing interests

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