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Table 1 Mosquito species recorded from eight states of the Pacific coast of Mexico in previous studies and the present study

From: Diversity of mosquitoes and the aquatic insects associated with their oviposition sites along the Pacific coast of Mexico

Species Sinaloa Nayarit Jalisco Colima Michoacán Guerrero Oaxaca Chiapas
(A) Culicids         
Aedes aegypti x* x* x* x* x* x* x* x*
Aedes albopictus         *
Aedes angustivittatus         *
Aedes atropalpus     x x x x x
Aedes knabi        x  
Aedes quadrivittatus        x x
Aedes sexlineatus         x
Aedes vexans    x*   x*    
Aedes terrens    x*   x* ‡* x* x*
Aedeomyia squamipennis       x‡*   *
Coquillettidia nigricans         *
Coquillettidia venezuelensis         *
Culex apicalis        x  
Culex arizonensis         x
Culex bidens x        x
Culex bigoti      x x x x
Culex bihaicolus         x
Culex chidesteri       x‡* *  
Culex conspirator x*      ‡* x* x*
Culex corniger x*      ‡* x* x*
Culex coronator x* * x* x* x* x‡* x* x*
Culex declarator         
Culex derivator         x
Culex educator         
Culex elevator         x
Culex erraticus x* * * * * x‡* x* *
Culex herythrothorax      x    
Culex inflictus     x     
Culex inpatiens         x
Culex interrogator x*     x* * x* x*
Culex iolambdis    x*    ‡* x* x*
Culex maccrackenae        x x
Culex mutator         x
Culex nigripalpus x* x* x*    x‡* x* x*
Culex peccator         
Culex pilosus         x
Culex pinarocampa       x x  
Culex quinquefasciatus x* * * x* * x‡* x* x*
Culex restrictor       * x* x*
Culex restuans      x    
Culex salinarius        x  
Culex stigmatosoma x* * x* * x* x* x* x*
Culex taeniopus         
Culex tarsalis x      x   x
Culex thriambus x*     x ‡* x x
Culex trifidus       x   
Culex virgultus      x x x
Culiseta particeps      *    
Deinocerites belkini    *    ‡*   
Deinocerites epitedeus x x       
Deinocerites howardii    *      *
Deinocerites pseudes    x* *   x‡*   
Haemagogus equinus    x* * x* x‡* x* x*
Haemagogus mesodentatus         x
Limatus durhamii         x*
Mansonia dyari   * *      
Mansonia indubitans        x* x*
Mansonia nigricans       ‡*   
Mansonia titillans * x   x   x‡*   x*
Mansonia venezuelensis         x
Ochlerotatus angustivittatus       ‡* x* x*
Ochlerotatus atropalpus     * * ‡* * *
Ochlerotatus euplocamus        x  
Ochlerotatus epactius * * * * *    *
Ochlerotatus infirmatus       ‡*   
Ochlerotatus hastatus     x*     
Ochlerotatus nigromacul       x   
Ochlerotatus podographicus   *       *
Ochlerotatus scapularis    *    x*   x*
Ochlerotatus serratus    x      x
Ochlerotatus shannoni      x    
Ochlerotatus stigmaticus        x  
Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus x* x* x* x* x* x‡* x* x*
Ochlerotatus thelcter x        
Ochlerotatus trivittatus      x* x‡ x*  
Ochlerotatus torilis       x   
Psorophora champerico x        x
Psorophora ciliata        x x
Psorophora cilipes         
Psorophora confinnis x*     x   x* x*
Psorophora cyanescens x*   x*    ‡* x* x*
Psorophora discolor        x* x*
Psorophora ferox      x* ‡* x* x*
Psorophora howardii       x   x
Psorophora lutzii       ‡* x* x*
Psorophora mexicana        x  
Psorophora mathesoni    *      
Psorophora varipes    x* x*   ‡* x* *
Psorophora virescens   x*   x*   x* x*  
Sabethes chloropterus      x*    x*
Uranotaenia coatzacoalcos      x   x x
Uranotaenia geometrica         x
Uranotaenia lowii x* * * *   ‡*   *
Uranotaenia orthodoxa      *    
Uranotaenia pulcherrima       x   
Uranotaenia socialis *    *     
Uranotaenia sapphirina x*    x* x* x‡*   x*
Wyeomyia arthrostigma         x
Wyeomyia celaenocephala         x
Wyeomyia jocosa         x
Wyeomyia mitchelli         x*
Wyeomyia personata       ‡*   x*
(B) Anophelines         
Anopheles albimanus x* x* x* x* x* x‡* x* x*
Anopheles apicimacula      x*    x*
Anopheles argyritarsis   x*    x*   x* x*
Anopheles aztecus    x*   x*    
Anopheles crucians     *   ‡* * *
Anopheles darlingi         x*
Anopheles eiseni      x* x* x* x*
Anopheles franciscanus    *     * *
Anopheles freeborni      *    
Anopheles gabaldoni         x*
Anopheles hectoris         x*
Anopheles neivai         x*
Anopheles neomaculipalpus         x*
Anopheles parapunctipennis        x* x*
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis x* x* x* x* x* x‡* x* x*
Anopheles punctimacula * x*    x* x‡* x* x*
Anopheles punctipennis   * *   x*    
Anopheles vestitipennis         x*
Anopheles xelajuensis        x  
Species records Sinaloa Nayarit Jalisco Colima Michoacán Guerrero Oaxaca Chiapas
No. species from previous records (x) [28, 29] 22 10 16 13 29 52 ‡ 46 67
No. species in present study (*) 21 17 26 19 27 38 34 54
Previous species records confirmed in present study 17 8 15 10 20 36 30 40
Species exclusive to this study 4 9 11 9 7 2 4 14
Total number of species per state 26 19 27 22 36 54 50 81
  1. x Indicates species reported in previous studies [28, 29].
  2. * Indicates species reported in the present study.
  3. Double dagger symbol indicates species records from Guerrero state [17].