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Table 6 Species characterization vs. known endemic focus

From: Molecular diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis and identification of the causative Leishmania species in Morocco by using three PCR-based assays

  Origin of infection (known foci of)*   Total of true positives
L. tropica L. major L. tropica and L. major L. tropica and/or L. infantum Risk area non identified Free CL area
Species characterization L. tropica 13 2 0 7 2 1 25
L. major 3 13 1 1 1 0 19
Total 16 15 1 8 3 1 44
  1. *According to the national data from the ministry of health.
  2. NB: one clinical sample identified as L. infantum by ITS1 PCR but negative by the other techniques is not included in this table.