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Figure 1

From: An overview of seventy years of research (1944 – 2014) on toxoplasmosis in Colombia, South America

Figure 1

Serological studies of T. gondii infection in humans and animals in Colombia (1944–2014). On the map are indicated the natural regions and states of Colombia. I Caribbean Region: Archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia (SAP), La Guajira (LAG), Atlántico (ATL), Magdalena (MAG), Cesar (CES), Sucre (SUC), Bolívar (BOL), Córdoba (COR); II Pacific Region: Chocó (CHO), Valle (VAC), Cauca (CAU), Nariño (NAR); III Andean Region: Bogotá D.C (D.C), Norte de Santander (NSA), Antioquia (ANT), Santander (SAN), Risaralda (RIS), Caldas (CAL), Cundinamarca (CUN), Boyacá (BOY), Quindío (QUI), Tolima (TOL), Huila (HUI); IV Orinoquía Region: Arauca (ARA), Casanare (CAS), Vichada (VID), Meta (MET) and V Amazon Region: Putumayo (PUT), Caquetá (CAQ), Guaviare (GUV), Guainía (GUA), Vaupés (VAU), Amazonas (AMA).

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