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Table 4 Parous rate, life expectancy and vectorial capacity of Anopheles introlatus

From: Plasmodium knowlesi malaria an emerging public health problem in Hulu Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia (2009–2013): epidemiologic and entomologic analysis

Number dissected 55
Parous rate 65.5
Probability of survival (p)1 0.87
P10 (%) 25
p10/-loge p (days)2 7.2
Vectorial capacity 3 1.94
  1. 1Thus the daily probability of survival (p) was taken as 3√P (P = percentage parous)[45].
  2. p10 percentage of population expected to live long enough to become infective with an extrinsic cycle of 10 days for P. knowlesi.
  3. 2life expectancy[46].
  4. 3vectorial capacity VC = ma2pn/-logep[47].