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Table 1 Information relative to the haemosporidians lineages found in this study

From: Dynamics of prevalence and diversity of avian malaria infections in wild Culex pipiens mosquitoes: the effects of Wolbachia, filarial nematodes and insecticide resistance

Lineages MorphoSpieces Mosquito vectors Bird hosts order Region GenBank References
SGS1 P. relictum Cx. pipiens Passeriformes, Galliformes, Gruiformes, Procellariiformes, Sphenisciformes Europe, Asia, AF495571 [1, 4, 6, 11, 6265]
Cx. pipiens pallens Africa, Australia, Pacific,
Cx. modestus S-America
Cx. sasai
Cx. theileri
DELURB4 Plasmodium spp. - Passeriformes Europe EU154346 [66]
DELURB5 Plasmodium spp. Cx. perexiguus Passeriformes Europe EU154347 [11, 66]
Cx. theileri
PADOM01 - Cx. pipiens Passeriformes Europe, Asia, C-America DQ058611 [4, 67]
GRW06 P. elongatum - Passeriformes, Strigiformes, Coraciiformes Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, N- and C-America DQ368381 [68, 69]
Ciconiiformes, Columbiformes
SYAT05 P. vaughani Cx. pipiens Passeriformes Europe, Australia, N-America, Pacific DQ847271 [1, 4, 6, 11, 70]
Cx. restuans Columbiformes
Cx. pipiens pallens
COLL1 P. relictum Cx. pipiens Passeriformes Europe, Asia AY831747 [4, 71]
CXPIPS1 - - - - KJ579150 this study
CXPIPS2 - - - - KJ579151 this study
GRW11 P. relictum Cx. quinquefasciatus Passeriformes, Galliformes Europe, Asia, Africa AY831748 [4, 6, 62, 71, 72]
Cx. pipiens pallens
Cx. pipiens
LINN1 Plasmodium spp. Cx. restuans Passeriformes Europe, Australia, N-America DQ847270 [7376]
Cx. pipiens
PADOM01 like - - - - KJ579153 this study
SGS1 like - - - - KJ579152 this study
CXPIPS3 Haemoproteus spp. - - - KJ579154 this study
GAGLA03 Haemoproteus spp. - Passeriformes Europe GU085197 [77]
  1. Lineages are classified according to their prevalence. Morphospecies or parasite genus, mosquito vectors, bird hosts order and sample regions are given according to the MalAvi database. For each lineage, we give the GenBank accession number used to build the phylogeny. Independently, we also give a non-exhaustive list of references in which the different lineages can be found, with emphasis on studies of vectors.