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Table 2 Origin of the isolates of B. behnkei n. sp. from Dipodillus dasyurus used for genotyping and phylogenetic analysis

From: Babesia behnkei sp. nov., a novel Babesia species infecting isolated populations of Wagner’s gerbil, Dipodillus dasyurus, from the Sinai Mountains, Egypt

Year of study W. El-Arbaein W. Gebel W. Gharaba W. Itlah All sites
2004 0 isolates 12 isolates nd nd 12 isolates (W. Gebel)
2008 1 isolate 3 isolates nd nd 4 isolates (1 isolate W. El Arbaein, 3 isolates W. Gebel)
2012 2 isolates 14 isolates nd nd 16 isolates (2 isolates W. El Arbaein, 14 isolates W. Gebel)
Total 3 isolates 29 isolates nd nd 32 (3 isolates W. El Arbaein, 29 isolates W. Gebel)
  1. Nd- not done, no isolates available.