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Table 6 Sub-genotypes of G. duodenalis and G. enterica detected in cat and dog samples

From: The epidemiology of infections with Giardia species and genotypes in well cared for dogs and cats in Germany

Sub-genotypes detected Cats Dogs
G. duodenalis (Assemblage A)   
  subtype A1 2 (β-giardin) 3 (β-giardin)
  subtype A2 2 (β-giardin) 1 (β-giardin)
  subtype A5   4 (β-giardin)
  subtype A1/A5   2 (2 GDH)
G. enterica (Assemblage B)   
  subassemblage BIII   3 (β-giardin)
  subassemblage BIV 6 (GDH)