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Figure 1

From: Utility of mosquito surveillance data for spatial prioritization of vector control against dengue viruses in three Brazilian cities

Figure 1

Trends in mosquito counts and human case data. (A) Neighborhood distribution of mosquito density (number of mosquitos/number of trap inspections) and prevalence of dengue (number of reported cases/neighborhood population size) between 2008–2012 in Vitoria. Mosquito density is correlated with the size of the black circles, total numbers of cases are indicated by the red shading of neighborhoods (darker color indicates more total cases). The white area in the middle is a steep mountain where no monitoring was conducted. The grey neighborhoods to the north were also not monitored. (B) The difference between weekly cases in Vitoria for each year relative to the average number of weekly cases from 2008–2012. Each line represents deviations from a different year as indicated in the legend. (C) Same as B but for the prevalence of mosquitoes.

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