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Archived Comments for: Parasite diversity of European Myotis species with special emphasis on Myotis myotis (Microchiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from a typical nursery roost

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  1. parasites listed‏

    Martin Sevcík, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

    17 February 2015

    What criteria are selected for listing species of parasites from Myotis hosts in Europe? I note that is written only 1/10 of all published articles and minimum of the known species of parasites. Here are the absence species in already appointed families, and mainly in arthropoda are missing species of families Ereynetidae, Chirodiscidae, Myobiidae, Psorergatidae, Sarcoptidae, Trombiculidae; also from helminth higher diversity of species from Myotis spp. in Europe are recorded.

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