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Table 1 Average minimum and maximum, monthly temperatures and rainfall values, standard deviations, and respective months [27]

From: First molecular identification of mosquito vectors of Dirofilaria immitis in continental Portugal

2011-2013 Coimbra Santarém Setúbal
Minimum average temperature 9.3±2.6°C (Feb) 11.7±2.0°C (Jan) 11±2.1°C (Feb)
Maximum average temperature 20.4±1.8°C (Aug) 24.8±2.4°C (Aug) 23.3±1.6°C (Aug)
Maximum average rainfall 1.83±5.91 mm (Oct) 1.65±4.79 mm (Mar) 1±3.52 mm (Oct)
Minimum average rainfall 0.02±0.12 mm (Jul) 0±0 mm (Jul/Aug) 0±0 mm (Jul)