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Table 4 List of the top 10 most important variables in the occurrence model

From: Modelling the spatial distribution of the nuisance mosquito species Anopheles plumbeus (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Netherlands

Rank Variables
2 CMORPH precipitation, phase of bi-annual cycle
3 CMORPH precipitation, phase of annual cycle
4 Worldclim precipitation, phase of annual cycle
5 Worldclim precipitation, proportion of total variance due to annual cycle
6 MIR, phase of annual cycle
7 NTLS temperature, minimum value
8 DTLS temperature, amplitude of annual cycle
9 NDVI mean
10 CMORPH precipitation, maximum value
  1. The lowest ranking number indicates the most important variable (e.g., rank = 1 is the most important variable). The ranking is based on the mean decrease in Gini index.