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Table 3 Comparisons of Ae. aegypti trapped by BG sentinel traps baited with different odor baits relative to the control (BG sentinel trap baited with the BG commercial lure) in Experiment 2 in Kilifi County

From: An improved odor bait for monitoring populations of Aedes aegypti-vectors of dengue and chikungunya viruses in Kenya

Site Treatment IRR (95%CI) P value
Kilifi Carbon dioxide only 0.57(0.21 – 1.52) 0.255
Kilifi Blend 2 1.33 (0.50 -3.57) 0.552
Kilifi Blend 4 0.95(0.36- 2.56) 0.931
Kilifi Hexanoic acid 2.2 (0.82- 5.87) 0.109
  1. Estimated incidence rate ratio (IRR); confidence interval (CI) and corresponding P-values based on comparison to the BG lure following generalized linear model (GLM) with negative binomial error structure and log link in R 3.1.0 software. The IRR for the control is 1; values above this indicate better performance while values below indicate under performance relative to the control.