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Table 4 Details on concatenated haplotypes (cox1 + nad1) of North American Fascioloides magna individuals

From: Genetic interrelationships of North American populations of giant liver fluke Fascioloides magna

Concatenated haplotype US state, CA province cox1 haplotype nad1 haplotype
Ha1 AB, BC, OR CO1-Ha1 ND1-Ha3
Ha2 AB CO1-Ha1 ND1-Ha8
Ha3 AB CO1-Ha6 ND1-Ha3
Ha4 BC CO1-Ha21 ND1-Ha3
Ha5 BC CO1-Ha20 ND1-Ha30
Ha6 BC CO1-Ha1 ND1-Ha24
Ha7 BC CO1-Ha21 ND1-Ha24
Ha8 BC CO1-Ha20 ND1-Ha25
Ha9 BC CO1-Ha1 ND1-Ha25
Ha10 OR CO1-Ha1 ND1-Ha3
Ha11 MN CO1-Ha19 ND1-Ha9
Ha12 MN CO1-Ha8 ND1-Ha32
Ha13 MN CO1-Ha11 ND1-Ha9
Ha14 MN CO1-Ha10 ND1-Ha9
Ha15 MN CO1-Ha10 ND1-Ha11
Ha16 MN CO1-Ha8 ND1-Ha10
Ha17 NL, QC CO1-Ha17 ND1-Ha19
Ha18 NL, QC CO1-Ha9 ND1-Ha20
Ha19 NL CO1-Ha18 ND1-Ha19
Ha20 QC CO1-Ha22 ND1-Ha23
Ha21 QC CO1-Ha28 ND1-Ha12
Ha22 NL, QC CO1-Ha22 ND1-Ha22
Ha23 QC CO1-Ha17 ND1-Ha21
Ha24 MN, QC CO1-Ha9 ND1-Ha12
Ha25 MS CO1-Ha12 ND1-Ha15
Ha26 MS CO1-Ha13 ND1-Ha17
Ha27 MS CO1-Ha14 ND1-Ha17
Ha28 MS, LA CO1-Ha15 ND1-Ha16
Ha29 MS CO1-Ha9 ND1-Ha17
Ha30 MS CO1-Ha15 ND1-Ha12
Ha31 LA CO1-Ha32 ND1-Ha12
Ha32 LA CO1-Ha29 ND1-Ha17
Ha33 LA CO1-Ha30 ND1-Ha12
Ha34 LA CO1-Ha34 ND1-Ha10
Ha35 LA CO1-Ha33 ND1-Ha18
Ha36 LA CO1-Ha31 ND1-Ha17
Ha37 SC CO1-Ha24 ND1-Ha31
Ha38 SC CO1-Ha25 ND1-Ha19
Ha39 SC CO1-Ha23 ND1-Ha19
Ha40 SC CO1-Ha3 ND1-Ha6
Ha41 SC CO1-Ha26 ND1-Ha6
Ha42 SC CO1-Ha35 ND1-Ha29
Ha43 SC CO1-Ha27 ND1-Ha29
Ha44 SC CO1-Ha3 ND1-Ha4
Ha45 SC CO1-Ha23 ND1-Ha26
Ha46 FL CO1-Ha16 ND1-Ha14
Ha47 FL, GA CO1-Ha16 ND1-Ha13
Ha48 FL CO1-Ha16 ND1-Ha27
Ha49 FL CO1-Ha16 ND1-Ha28
Ha50 GA CO1-Ha7 ND1-Ha9
  1. Codes of US states and Canadian (CA) provinces are explained in Table 1; details on individual CO1-Ha and ND1-Ha are presented in Table 3